City Clerk's Office


The City Clerk's Office conducts the functions and duties prescribed by state law for general law cities and set forth by the Brea Municipal Code. Major functions and duties of this office include:

  • Provide City Council support, including compilation and distribution of council agenda packets, public records requests, administration, and records management
  • Conduct regular and special municipal elections
  • Record, preserve, research, and provide for public access to Brea’s historical records
  • Process applications for voluntary service and maintains rosters for city boards, commissions, and committees
  • Receive claims and service of other legal documents
  • Maintain and publish the Brea Municipal Code
  • Act as filing officer for conflict of interest statements filed by city elected and appointed officials and candidate and officeholder campaign filings
  • Administer oaths and affirmations, including oath of office for the Mayor and City Council
  • Certify copies of official records
  • Act as the custodian of the official seal of the City of Brea

2021 List of Local Appointments

The 2021 list of local appointments contains the names of all incumbents with terms expiring during the calendar year, appointment dates, and term expiration dates as well as a listing of all boards, commissions, and committees whose members serve at the pleasure of the legislative body.