Ash Street Cottages Neighborhood Parking District

The Brea City Council adopted a resolution establishing preferential parking privileges for residents in the Ash Street Cottages neighborhood. The newly adopted parking restrictions prohibit vehicular street parking on...

  • Ash Street, between Brea Blvd on the east and Madrona Ave on the west
  • Madrona Ave, from the south parking structure entrance on 175 South Madrona Ave to Ash Street on the north
  • Walnut Ave, from the south structure entrance on 101 South Brea Blvd to Ash Street on the north

Residents displaying the appropriate parking permit, and their guests, are exempt from the restriction. For more details, view the list of FAQs.

By way of background, the city received a petition with signatures representing seventy-three percent of the homes in the Ash Street Cottages neighborhood. The petition requested parking restrictions on the streets within the neighborhood to curtail long-term parking and excessive traffic by non-neighborhood residents visiting the adjacent Downtown Brea, especially during special events.

For questions on parking restrictions, call the City's Traffic Engineer at 714-990-7742 or the Watch Commander at 714-990-7624.

For questions about parking permits, call the Community Development front counter at 714-671-4406.