Join Your Neighborhood on!

The City of Brea is partnering with Nextdoor to offer residents a free online community engagement tool. Nextdoor is a private, social networking website that helps facilitate neighborhood conversations, so neighbors can connect with each other to build a stronger community network. It can be used in many ways.

You can use your Nextdoor neighborhood website to:

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Share information about traffic, lost pets, safety issues and emergency preparedness
  • Get referrals for babysitters, restaurants, carpet cleaners and more
  • Sell, borrow and give away tools, furniture, bicycles and any other items
  • Organize block parties, garage sales or other neighborhood events
  • Receive and comment on important information from city officials

For its initial launch, the city was divided into 13 geographically based neighborhoods. Individuals can only see the information, and are only able to interact with, those in their own neighborhood. To maintain its privacy, residents must verify their home address when signing-up for Nextdoor. As soon as an address is entered, the site will locate the neighborhood it belongs to. The City does not run this network, nor can it see the neighborhoods’ interactions, but is able to send messages to the neighborhoods.

The success of Nextdoor is dependent on residents signing-up to be part of the online network, the more people who participate, the stronger the network. Everyone benefits from stronger, safer neighborhoods where people look out for one another. Home is happier when you’re familiar with people around you. To join your private neighborhood social network or to learn more about Nextdoor, please visit the Nextdoor Website to get started. Sign-up today, and ask your neighbors to sign-up too!