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Christy Roberts Berkowitz_Golden Salad

Domestic Detritus

January 28 to March 24, 2023

Our ideations of home and the definitions of family have undergone colossal transformations in the past generation. Now layered with added burdens created by the persisting pandemic on caregivers, educators, and essential workers, these notions have dramatically expanded and evolved. As a result, our personal relationships with the sanctity of our homes now take on new forms.

This exhibit features works exploring ideas of memory, ruin, and the vestiges of domesticity, in an effort to delve into contemporary social dynamics, shifting gender roles, assaults on womanhood and human rights currently happening in our country.

Sculpture, painting, video, and installation are all included in this multi-media, multi-sensory exhibition - culminating in a strong voice of resistance, empowerment and victorious reclamation.