Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The City produces the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) on an annual basis. This report contains Brea’s audited financial statements and a statistical section, as well as management’s discussion and analysis of the fiscal year reported.

Archive Center

View archived documents online, such as the Brea Line newsletter, water bill inserts and more.

Capital Improvement Program Budget

Various funding sources are used to meet public works needs. These are carefully planned and closely monitored through Brea's seven-year comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget.

City Budget

View the city's most recent budget documents, including the General Fund Operating Budget, CIP and more.

City Fact Sheets

View informational Fact Sheets on City various topics, such as Acquiring Water, Birch Hills Golf Course, Paramedic Tax, Pension Reform, and more.

City Manager's Reports

View current City Manager's Report.

Compensation Information

Learn about City Council and employees' salaries.

Controller’s Government Compensation in California

View information here

Enterprise System Catalog

In compliance with SB272, the City has put together a catalog of its Enterprise Systems.

Integrated Law and Justice Agency of Orange County (ILJAOC)

View the joint powers agreement and financial statements.

Online Documents

View all public documents accessible through our online repository containing thousands of city records.

Social Media Terms of Use

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