Mayor's Youth Award

High school students in Brea have a special opportunity to make an impact on the community, while receiving recognition for their efforts.

The Mayor’s Youth Community Service Award is presented to graduating seniors who have worked to make a difference in the Brea community by volunteering throughout their high school years. By volunteering, they will be using their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to help make Brea even better! Not only is volunteering a cherished experience, it also provides valuable on-the-job training, exposure to the business world, and skills that can help students as they enter the job market or college. The award was established in 1997 by then Mayor Glenn Parker. Since then Brea students have volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours of community service.

During their high school years, students can earn special honors at graduation and receive a letter of recognition from the mayor for volunteering their time and talents. The recognition letter can be helpful for college admission requirements and job searches. But even more important is the reward of knowing you have made a real difference in your community.

How It Works

All high school students residing in the City of Brea, regardless of the high school they attend, are eligible to participate. Students can begin accumulating volunteer hours as early as the summer prior to their freshman year.

Volunteer hours must be served with a nonprofit organization providing services of significant benefit to the Brea community and have a recognized volunteer program.


Students must use the City of Brea Mayor's Youth Award official tracking form to record their hours and receive a verification signature from their supervisor. No other forms will be accepted. Parent or guardian and student signatures are both required on tracking forms. It is the students’ responsibility to complete, keep, and return these forms by 5:00 p.m. May 1 of their junior and/or senior years. Freshmen and sophomores will not turn in tracking forms until their junior and senior years. Students are urged to make a copy of their completed tracking form for their records before turning it in.

Juniors and seniors will turn in completed forms to:

Resource Center
1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level
Brea, CA 92821