Your Government

Involvement & Volunteer Participation Welcome

Brea cultivates an interactive form of government, where citizen involvement and volunteer participation are always welcome. One of the City Council’s core mission statements is to increase Breans sense of civic ownership by committing city resources to proactive two-way communication, community outreach, long range planning, and organizational excellence. To bolster this communication effort, a number of important documents, forms, agendas, and minutes are posted online for your convenience.

Three standing citizen commissions directly advise the City Council, and other task-related committees are formed as needed to address changing issues and opportunities. Brea is governed by a five-member City Council, elected by residents to serve four-year terms. Each year, the council elects one of its members to serve a one-year term as mayor. As a general law city, the council appoints a city manager to implement policies and oversee city departments.

In order to better serve its residents and protect Brea’s quality of life, Brea works to maintain meaningful partnerships with local, regional, state, and national officials and is active on a number of associations and coalitions.

City Council Top Priorities

  • Provide high quality safety services in order to ensure a safe and secure environment.
  • Maintain conservative fiscal policies in order to protect and enhance our financial resources and maintain our investment in the city itself.
  • Foster Brea’s “family centered” community by supporting Brea’s youth and families.
  • Protect open space and determine the future of Brea’s sphere of influence.
  • Promote regional transportation improvements that will benefit future generations of Breans.