Orange County Transportation Authority

With ever rising fuel costs, this is the time to discover a more affordable way to get around. You may not have paid much attention to buses circulating across town on a daily basis, but these days more people keep asking, “Where do they go?”

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) operates a comprehensive system with several key routes intersecting at the Brea Mall. There are also two express routes, which make stops there in utilizing the 57 Freeway to connect Inland Empire riders all the way to either Santa Ana or the Irvine Spectrum.

Take a moment to learn more about public transportation. Visit the OCTA website for full details on routes and schedules. An online trip planner will allow you to enter specific location information for customized routing.

Routes Beyond City Limits

As a starting point, view a map showing the route numbers passing through Brea. The list below gives a very general description of where these routes go beyond city limits:

  • Route 20 - Between La Habra and Yorba Linda
  • Route 29 - Brea to Huntington Beach
  • Route 47 - Brea to Newport Beach (via Brea Blvd-Anaheim-Fairview)
  • Route 53 - Brea to Irvine (via Main Street)
  • Route 57 - Brea to Newport Beach (via St. College-Bristol)
  • Route 59 - Brea to Irvine (via Kraemer-Glassell-Grand)
  • Route 147 - Brea to Santa Ana (via Harbor Boulevard)
  • Route 213 - Brea to Irvine Express (via 55 Freeway)
  • Route 757 - Pomona to Santa Ana Express (via 57 Freeway / stops at Brea Mall)
  • Route 758 - Chino to Irvine Spectrum Express (via 57 Freeway / stops at Brea Mall)