Street, Sewer, Storm Drain & Sanitation Division


The division is responsible for the city’s streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, roadway signs, street sweeping, sewer and storm drain systems as well as maintenance of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) related stormwater runoff issues. Headed by Superintendent, Will Wenz, and Supervisor, Jerry Mestas, the divisions provide a wide variety of services to the residents of Brea.

The division manages a work force of in-house crew members and contract services to provide the following duties:

  • Total pavement maintenance from pothole patching to slurry seal to pavement striping
  • Sidewalks are kept safe by replacing sections as needed or grinding concrete.
  • Traffic signals are maintained to high standards and inspected monthly for troubles
  • Street lights are inspected and repaired
  • Roadway signs are repaired and replaced
  • All streets and alleys are swept with NPDES and Air Quality Management District (AQMD) compliant sweepers weekly
  • All sewers are cleaned regularly to prevent sewer overflows and address fats, oils, and grease issues
  • Storm drain catch basins and lines are cleaned to keep debris out of the system and meet NPDES requirements

Sewage Spills: Property Owner Information

A sewage spill is always a nasty surprise. Be aware of the basics and ways you might take preventative action. Be smart about what is or is not safe to flush down a toilet or drain.

Each property owner is responsible for maintaining the sewer line (lateral) from the property to the connection with the City's sewer main. The lateral will often continue off the property out to the sewer main, which is generally near the middle of the street. The City cleans all sewer mains at least once per year, more often in some areas. If you have questions about your sewer line, call (714) 990-7691 and ask for the Street Division Supervisor.

Downtown Maintenance

The division has maintenance responsibility for downtown areas including the Superblocks. This responsibility includes daily cleaning and maintenance of exterior areas, power-washing sidewalks, cleaning parking lots, and maintaining landscaped areas.

Trash Removal and Recycling

Brea contracts with Republic Services for refuse removal, pick-up of bulky or electronic items and collection of recycle materials. Here is a checklist of What Goes Where. Additional details about this, plus special handling that is needed for certain other materials, can be found under the Green Life, Green Brea section of this website.

Special handling is required for hazardous materials.

Street Curb Address Painting Guidelines

The City of Brea does not have an official program regarding curb address painting. 

Here are some helpful guidelines regarding the painting of address numbers on street curbs that is consistent with Brea City Code: