Street Sweeping

The City of Brea provides street sweeping twice a month in both residential and commercial areas to provide a high level of service. Sweeping twice per month helps minimize the accumulation of debris in roadways and along curbs, thus significantly reducing pollution and providing a more pleasing appearance for the city.

The twice a month frequency is in compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) best practices criteria. Runoff from sprinklers and other outdoor activities result in debris that migrates into the storm drain system. This can pollute the entire downstream watershed, even to the beaches. The city’s street sweeping equipment uses a technology known as a regenerative air system, which is designed to meet stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District dust control measures.

Parking & Resources

To facilitate effective sweeping, residents are encouraged to remove their parked vehicles from on-street parking locations as the sweeper makes its twice per month pass. Articles below provide further detail on street sweeping days.