Equipment Maintenance Division


The Equipment Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance and repairs on all city vehicles and equipment, from lawn mowers to fire engines. Superintendent, Ron Krause, and Supervisor, Alex Escobar, manage the entire fleet operation by providing vehicles and maintenance to all city departments. This centralized fleet management offers cost savings over having separate fleets for police and fire by avoiding duplication of repair facilities, tools, and management.

Along with operating the fleet, a number of related environmental issues are handled by the division. These include Air Quality Management District (AQMD) issues and regulations, underground fuel tank regulations, and disposal of batteries, used oil, waste anti-freeze, solvents, and used tires. All vehicles and equipment are "leased” to the user departments. Lease payments include operating and repair costs as well as a replacement charge to cover the eventual replacement of the vehicle or piece of equipment.

A team of versatile, dedicated heavy equipment mechanics can repair most types of vehicles and equipment in-house. Specialized tasks such as radiator repair, body shop work and painting, transmission rebuilds, and wheel alignments are contracted.