Public Works



The Public Works Department’s goal is to provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services to the community while providing excellent customer service.

The department consists of seven divisions: 

  • Administrative: Overall operation of the department, administering and overseeing the City’s seven Maintenance Districts
  • Building Maintenance: Maintenance of City buildings and facilities including the Civic and Cultural Center, fire stations, the Community Center, and all other public buildings.
  • Engineering: Prepares plans and specifications, solicits bids and monitors construction work for City infrastructure.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Performs maintenance and repairs on all City vehicles and equipment.
  • Parks and Landscape: Maintains the City’s parks, medians, publicly-owned trees, and other landscaped areas such as city facility landscaping.
  • Street: Maintains the City’s streets, roadway signs, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, storm drains, and sewer system.
  • Water: Maintains the City’s water acquisition, distribution system, and quality control. 

Major Work Funded by Capital Improvement Program Budget

Various funding sources are used to meet public infrastructure needs. Projects are carefully planned and closely monitored through Brea’s 7-Year Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget. (This is a large workbook document. Please allow time for it to load.)