Overnight Parking

City Ordinance

The Brea Police Department has established an enhanced enforcement program supporting the city's Overnight Parking Ordinance. The ordinance prohibits on-street parking on public streets for more than 30 minutes between 2 and 6 am.

Non-compliance with the parking ordinance results in a citation and a fine. Annual parking permits allowing on-street overnight parking in some circumstances are available for residents who meet the established criteria. An annual fee of $20 per permit is charged to offset administrative costs.

Supporting Public Safety

The ordinance was enacted in the 1950s and upheld by the Brea City Council over these many years in support of public safety efforts. City officials recognize a number of benefits to the long-standing regulation including reduced opportunity for vehicle-related crimes, enhanced neighborhood aesthetics, efficient street sweeping, and improved access for emergency, utility, or road repair vehicles.

In response to residents' concerns over on-going abuse of the regulation, the Brea City Council directed the Police Department to develop a plan for stricter, more consistent enforcement. Part of the plan called for the addition of a part-time position effective December 2006. The new civilian police employee is assigned both jailer and parking control duties in the overnight hours. Police department analysis indicates that a steady increase in priority calls for service, particularly in the early morning hours, has often restricted the time patrol officers have available for routine parking control duties. The addition of a civilian position provides an extra resource so more consistent, pro-active enforcement takes place in support of the city ordinance and relieves impact on police officers, so they can concentrate on emergency calls.

For information on obtaining a permit, please call 714-671-4406 or read more about parking permits.

Self-Issued Permit Form

Download the Self-Issued Short Term Overnight Permit Form (PDF).