Barking Dogs Ordinance

A recently expanded program clarifies guidelines for responsible pet ownership and is intended to enhance neighborhood relationships. The Brea City Council approved an ordinance in October 2007 using a more proactive strategy for the problem of nuisance barking dogs. New rules expedite action and create opportunities for re-training of both owners and pets.

Procedure for Reporting a Barking Dog

OCACS control officers, with helpful instruction on animal behavior, are responsible for contacting owners of barking dogs. They will be acting on complaint forms that solicit basic facts on current incidents, also including notes on contact already made by complainants to responsible parties. For additional information on Barking Dog Procedures, visit OC Animal Care.

Defining a Barking Dog

Sustained barking without provocation often signals a neglected animal. Absent owners are sometimes unaware of distress their animal experiences while they are gone and need to adjust care patterns to correct the situation. A barking dog is defined as a nuisance when it: “barks, bays, cries, howls or makes any noise for an extended period of time. Such extended period of time shall consist of incessant barking for 30 minutes or more in any 24-hour period, or intermittent barking for 60 minutes or more during any 24-hour period.”

Remedying a Barking Dog

The process for handling barking dogs keeps complainant information private in the initial stages and owners are given a reasonable period to remedy violations. If successful, violations simply expire. Civil citations, administrative hearings, and fines come into play as enforcement tools after positive corrective control measures have been exhausted.

Submit a Complaint

If you have a barking dog complaint, go to the OC Animal Care website. It’s easy to review guidelines and download the complaint form. Pet owners will want to get more complete information there such as useful news about many animal services also available under the Orange County Health Care Agency like pet adoptions, finding lost pets, health alerts, licensing, shelter hours, and more. Brea residents can directly call OCACS at 714-935-6942.

Orange County Successes

A number of other Orange County cities, also contracting with Orange County Animal Care Services (OCACS), are finding more satisfying results having adopted this approach. Guidelines for pet owners and their neighbors are clearly stated and a fair process moves to swifter resolution when complaints are filed. In the past, neighbors got uncertain results, if any, after suffering through months of annoyance. The emphasis is now on making earlier contact when there is a problem and focusing on amicable resolution.