Let's Recycle!

Three Bin Waste Collection Program

We all know that recycling is good for the environment, but did you know that recycling can help offset the cost of your monthly refuse rate? The Brea City Council has directed that the credit received from recycling revenue be used to offset a portion of residential refuse rates. Therefore, it pays to recycle!

For an easy overview of recycling information, check out the Republic Services newsletter. Or you can visit their website.

The city’s three bin collection program makes it easy.

  • Many paper, plastic, metal and glass items may be placed in the green recyclables bin. It is preferable NOT to bag these items. To help ensure that contents of various containers do not contaminate surrounding material, consumers should Empty, Clean & Dry. Containers with liquid or other substances still inside can contaminate an entire recycle load, sometimes causing that collection truck to then be hauled to the landfill instead of recycled!
  • In general, most anything that grows can be composted or put in the brown yard waste bin. Do NOT put palm fronds or other stringy plants into the brown bin.
  • Most other items are considered trash and should be placed in the black trash bin. However, do NOT put electronics, bulky or hazardous materials into the black bin.

Donate Usable Materials

It is best to donate of materials that are still usable. This can not only be helpful to others, it also benefits the community as a whole by helping to minimize waste headed to the landfill. There is an environmental savings when people practice "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." 

Here are some suggestions:

For clothing, collectibles or small household items, donate to a local rummage sale fundraiser that might be sponsored by a school or church. Or look for periodic neighborhood pick-ups which are noticed in advance by several regional charitable organizations through postcards or residential bag drop-offs.

You may also deliver usable items directly to a non-profit organization such as Goodwill Industries. The Brea location is at 634 S. Brea Boulevard.

Larger household items such as furnishings and appliances, or fixtures like cabinets, lighting, plumbing, doors and windows that may be excess from a remodeling project are accepted by Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. ReStores, is their operation which takes items in good working condition. Info: (714) 434-6202. They also work with contractors in a DeConstruct program to remove recyclable fixtures in advance of a construction project. The Habitat for Humanity OC ReStores are also licensed to accept E-waste.

There are many options for recycling/donating old mattresses.  Programs include free residential recycling of mattresses at specific OC landfills, free retailer take back programs and charity donations as well as other options.

 Welcome Back to School! For tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle more this school year, click here