One Ton Challenge

Take the Challenge

Did you know the average Californian is responsible for more than 12 tons of carbon emissions a year? With small changes like turning off unneeded lights, recycling, or shopping with reusable bags, you can do your part in reducing that number. The goal of this challenge is to reduce 167 pounds of carbon emissions in one month. If continued for one year, it would equal to a one ton savings. Make a difference, reduce your carbon footprint, and save a ton.

Ideas to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The following energy saving measures are examples of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. They are estimates and some are based on 30 days of action, while others are just ideas.

  • Shop with reusable bags = 6 pounds
  • Turn off unneeded lights = 31 pounds
  • Lower the thermostat by two degrees = 24 pounds
  • Recycle aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastics, cardboard, or newspaper = 70 pounds
  • Walk to and from school or work (approximately 3 miles) = 55 pounds
  • Ride a bicycle for 32 miles instead of driving a car = 31 pounds
  • Watch one hour less of TV per day = 27 pounds
  • Use only cold water when washing laundry = 50 pounds
  • Replace five 60w incandescent light bulbs with 13w CFL = 23 pounds
  • Replace two shower heads with water saving shower heads (1.5 GPM) = 42 pounds
  • Replace two toilets with water saving toilets (1.6 GPF) = 8 pounds

Energy Saving Resource

Carbon Footprint

Find out about your own carbon footprint, personal emissions calculators are available online: