Residential Care Facilities

Schedule an Inspection/Pre-Inspection

Please contact the City of Brea Fire Prevention Bureau with any questions you might have, or to schedule an inspection at 714-990-7655.

Residential Care Facilities - 2019 CBC/CFC (R-3.1)

This occupancy group may include facilities licensed by the State of California for a residential based 24-hour care facility providing accommodation for six or fewer clients of any age. Clients may be classified as ambulatory, non-ambulatory or bedridden. This occupancy group may include:

  • Adult residential facilities
  • Congregate living health facilities
  • Foster family homes
  • Group homes
  • Intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled
  • Residential care facilities for the elderly
  • Small family homes and residential care for the chronically ill
  • Nurseries for the full-time care of children under age six

Requirements are based on client ambulatory, non-ambulatory, or bedridden status. The director of social services determines the status of persons in such facilities. As part of the licensing process, the City of Brea Fire Department assists home operators by conducting site inspections to achieve a fire clearance.

Large Family Day Cares - 2019 CBC/CFC (R-3)

A Large Family Daycare is a provider’s own home licensed to provide daycare for 14 or fewer persons of any age, where care is provided for less than 24 hours a day. These facilities require operation licenses from the State of California, and may be classified as “Adult Daycare Facilities, Family Daycare Homes, and Adult Day Support Centers.” The Brea Fire Department works closely with Social Services to achieve the necessary fire clearance for these facilities.