Brea Fire Department

Brea Fire 2020 Annual Report

BreaFire_AnnualReport_COVER Opens in new windowWe’re pleased to present the first ever Brea Fire Department Annual Report. The intent of this report is to highlight the positive work of our department and provide an educational background of how we operate.

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Fire engine rolling out of fire station one with the American Flag waving in the foregroundGeneral Duties

The primary mission of the Brea Fire Services Department is the delivery of life safety services. The department provides 24-hour emergency response to a wide variety of critical situations, including fires, explosions, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, accidents, and miscellaneous public assistance requests. In addition, the department operates a very active Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness Program, which provides for fire inspections, hazardous process permitting, fire code enforcement, public education, and business emergency planning in accordance with California Code of Regulations.

Emergency Preparedness

Every person has a level of responsibility for their own safety. The more you prepare, the more effective you will be when a disaster happens. The City of Brea encourages those that live and/or work in Brea learn how to be prepared.  


Brea has trained hundreds of residents to be better prepared through the national program, Community Emergency Response Team. This dedicated group of volunteers is more commonly known as CERT and they can be seen at many local events ready to answer questions and help their neighbors be better prepared.

Fire Station Tours and Engine Visits

Interested in touring a fire station or having an engine visit your school? If so, call Fire Administration at (714) 990-7622 to coordinate and schedule.

Free Pulse Point App

Pulse Point is a program that alerts nearby citizens when there is a need for critical lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the location of nearby public access automated external defibrillators (AED). The free app is intended to improve community response to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Metro Cities Fire Authority, in cooperation with the Metro Cities’ dispatch center (Metro Net), is the first agency in Orange County to implement this application.

For more information, view the public service announcement or press release