Alzheimer's Assistance

Medic Alert / Safe Return

Families of persons afflicted with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia can provide an extra measure of low cost protection for their loved ones. For registration into the Medic Alert / Safe Return Program of the Alzheimer’s Association, or for more information, please visit their website.

Six out of 10 afflicted persons will wander or become lost, according to recent statistics. This characteristic can be dangerous, even life threatening. Since 1993, the Safe Return program, which is based out of Chicago and serves the nation with round-the-clock assistance, has helped in 11,000 re-unifications. The Safe Return database has proven to be a valuable resource to law enforcement agencies who are often involved in searches. For distressed caregivers, who each year discover their charge is missing, Safe Return is an efficient method to trigger a quick and sensitive search response.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers vital support to families dealing with issues related to a loved one’s memory loss. Participation in Medic Alert is yet one of the many services they offer. For information about other services offered by the Orange County chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, please visit the OC website.