Sculpture Requirement for Developers

Projects Subject to the Sculpture Requirement

Sculptures created under Brea’s Art in Public Places Program are selected or commissioned by private developers following a formal approval process. All development projects with a total project building valuation of $1,5 million or more (based on International Code Conference Building Valuation Data) are subject to Brea’s Art in Public Places requirement.


There are three exceptions:

  • Residential development projects of four or fewer dwelling units
  • Places of worship
  • Public facilities constructed by nonprofit organizations 501-(c)(3) or affordable housing projects are issued an exemption on a case by case basis.

Contact the city at 714-990-7600 for more information.

Costs of Sculptures

The required sculpture allocation is calculated as 1% of the total project building valuation.

Options for Meeting the Requirement

Developers of projects with a total project building valuation of between $1,5 million and $3,999,999 have two options:

  • Install approved publicly visible sculpture at their project site
  • Contribute to Brea's Art Fund in lieu of installing sculpture

Brea’s Art Fund will be used to fund future public art projects on public lands.

Developers of projects with a total project building valuation $4,000,000 or more are required to install publicly visible sculpture at their project site. Sculpture is a fixed asset on the property and must be maintained by property owners.

 About the Sculpture Approval Process

The multi-step sculpture application includes several milestones that may impact issuance of permits and Certificates of Occupancy. It is recommended that these milestones be considered when determining the construction schedule for a project. Developers of projects eligible to contribute their sculpture allocation in lieu of installing on site sculpture should be aware that milestones also apply that should be considered when determining the construction schedule. A meeting with staff is required as part of the sculpture approval process, but staff is available throughout the process to assist developers. Please contact staff as early as possible in the project planning process to discuss the sculpture requirement as it relates to your project and your construction schedule.

Sculpture applications are reviewed based upon policy-defined criteria, such as artist qualifications, visibility of the sculpture, durability of materials, etc. Brea’s Art in Public Places (APP) Policy Manual describes sculpture requirements, the application approval process, milestones related to the construction schedule, and sculpture ownership responsibilities. Below is an overview of sculpture related requirements; for complete details, please see Brea’s APP Policy Manual.

Overview of Developer Responsibilities

  • Selecting a qualified artist
  • Selecting a suitable sculpture site
  • Meeting all requirements and deadlines that are part of the multi-step sculpture approval process
  • Attending a Committee review meeting
  • Commissioning a sculpture that will be low-maintenance
  • Establishing a funding source for ongoing sculpture maintenance
  • Acquiring all necessary permits
  • Installing sculpture and related components (e.g. lighting, identification plaque, landscaping, etc.)

For more information about Brea’s Art in Public Places Program, please contact Jenn Colacion at 714-671-4452.