Certified Access Specialist Inspection Services

Compliance with state and federal construction-related accessibility standards ensures that public places are accessible and available to individuals with disabilities.  Whether your business is moving into a newly constructed facility or you are planning an alteration to your current facility, by engaging the services of a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) early in this process you will benefit from the advantages of compliance and under the Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act (CRASCA, Civil Code 55.51-55.545), also benefit from legal protections.

Although your new facility may have already been permitted and approved by the building department, it is important to obtain CASp inspection services after your move-in because unintended access barriers and violations can be created. For example, placing your furniture and equipment in areas required to be maintained clear of obstructions. For planned alterations, a CASp can provide plan review of your improvement plans and an access compliance evaluation of the public accommodation areas of your facility that may not be part of the alteration.  

A CASp is a professional who has been certified by the State of California to have specialized knowledge regarding the applicability of accessibility standards. CASp inspection reports prepared according to CRASCA entitle business and facility owners to specific legal benefits, in the event that a construction-related accessibility claim is filed against them.  To find a CASp, visit:

CASP Certified Access Specialists