Crime Scene Investigation

Welcome to the Brea Police Department Crime Scene Investigation website.

Mission Statement of the Brea Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Unit

To serve the Brea Community by solving crime through the efficient and effective identification, collection and storage of physical evidence.

Unit Goals & Objectives

  • Respond to crime scenes with the focus of evidence collection, scene reconstruction and suspect identification. This goal is obtained through:
    • DNA collection
    • Biological Fluid collection
    • Latent fingerprint collection
    • Shoe wear impression collection
    • Trace evidence collection
    • Blood spatter interpretation
    • Ballistics interpretation
    • Photography
    • Scene documentation
    • Evidence Processing
  • Respond to fatal traffic collisions with the focus of evidence collection and scene reconstruction. Collision investigations may include:
    • Documenting the complexities of Fatal Collisions
    • The intricate puzzle work associated with Hit and Run Collisions
  • Evidence Preservation:
    • Effective storage of biological evidence
    • Securing the integrity of the evidence chain

Our Crime Scene Investigators work with the Orange County Crime Lab for the recognition, collection and evaluation of physical evidence from crime scenes.