Police Advisory Committee

The Police Advisory Committee (PAC) is a recent addition to the Brea Police Department. PAC is comprised of a diverse set of community members who reside or work in the City of Brea. They meet quarterly to provide input, feedback, and information regarding public safety and quality of life issues within the community to the Chief of Police. In doing so, the Police Advisory Committee works collaboratively to further goals and initiatives congruent with the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the Brea Police Department.

Guidelines for the Committee

The following guidelines will be used in the formation and activities of the Committee:

  • The Brea Police Department Police Advisory Committee will be comprised of a diverse cross-section of the community, including community members, business leaders, and other key stakeholders.
  • The Committee shall meet quarterly at the Brea Police Department on a day and time convenient to the majority of the Committee members. The Committee is designed to:
    • Provide for member input on department policies and procedures
    • Engage in open discussion regarding trends in law enforcement such as use of force, police pursuits, and other significant police issues
    • Provide Advice & Counsel to the Chief of Police
  • The Committee will have no direct input or discussions regarding specific employees or personnel issues
  • The Committee acts solely in an advisory capacity and will not be involved in decision-making
  • The Committee is expected to provide input on topics the Chief of Police deems appropriate and timely.

Committee Members

The Police Advisory Committee is compromised of TEN individuals. Members may include representatives from the: Business Community, Service Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Young Adults (Age 18 – 25), High School Students, Mothers of School-Aged Child(ren), Hispanic-American Community, Asian-American Community, African-American Community, & the Senior Community.

Committee members are required to be a resident of the City of Brea and/or work at a business in the City of Brea. 

Term Limits

The term for a member of the Police Advisory Committee is two years. However, extensions for sitting Committee members shall be considered on an individual basis and made solely by the Chief of Police.

The initial Police Advisory Board Committee member's term limits shall be one and two years, respectively. Half of the initial Committee members shall serve a one-year term to be determined at random, while the other half shall serve a two-year term. The intent of this policy is to establish the inaugural Police Advisory Committee and promote continuity for the committee's future.


At this time, a meeting schedule has not been determined. PAC will meet once every quarter on a day and time that works best for Committee members.

Staff Support

Staff support for the Police Advisory's Committee is provided through the Office of the Chief of Police. The Professional Standards Lieutenant is the Police Department's liaison to PAC. In addition, the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police serves as the Recording Secretary for the Police Advisory Committee. Please reach out to either for further information or questions regarding PAC. 

How to Join

Applications are currently open at this time for the Police Advisory Committee. Applications are available as an online form. All applications must be submitted by 6:00 PM on June 15, 2022 and no exceptions will be made. 

All prospective members will need to pass a basic background investigation, participate in an interview with the Department's Command Staff, and agree to abide by the Committee's Policy. The Chief of Police has the final authority as to whom is appointed to the Committee.