Brea Skate Park at Arovista

500 W. Elm Street
Open 7:00 a.m. - Dusk

Patti McGee Skaters at Arovista ParkSkate Park at Arovista

The Brea Skate Park underwent an extensive renovation in 2022. The project was completed and the skate park reopened to the public in September 2022.


The Skate Park first opened at Arovista Park in September 2000. In late 2015 the City hired design consultants to lead outreach efforts, and prepare a concept plan and construction documents for the Skate Park upgrades. Two community outreach meetings were held that included neighborhoods adjacent to the project, skaters, and members of the Parks, Recreation and Human Services Commission. Additionally, an internal working group was formed with City staff from the Community Services Department, the Communications & Marketing Division, the Police, and the Public Works Departments to provide additional insight. The final concept plan for the Skate Park Upgrades was developed around the feedback received from the community outreach meetings and the internal working group.

The renovation impacted every element of the Skate Park. New skate elements were added, maintenance repairs were made, and concrete and drainage work was done. An ADA ramp was installed, along with stairs, railings, and retaining walls. The slope to the east of the Skate Park was also reconstructed. The Skate Park renovation was a multi-year process that included design consultants, extensive outreach efforts, and the involvement of multiple City departments. The final concept plan for the park incorporated the community feedback received.