Guaranteed Second Opinion Program

Requesting a Second Opinion

As part of Brea’s Customer Care Commitment, the city’s Development Services offers a Guaranteed Second Opinion Program. Since you’re a valuable customer, you may request a second opinion at any point during the permit process.

While we are legally responsible to apply certain building codes and regulations to ensure quality and safe development, city staff wants to minimize any frustration and create a hassle free process. Anytime you disagree or need clarification, just ask for a second opinion with how we have interpreted a regulation or policy or if you feel we have fallen short in any way.

We guarantee that your request for a second opinion or additional confirmation will never result in an adversarial situation with a staff person as a result of the second opinion. Our commitment to you is one of open communication designed to ensure the highest quality of plan checking and code interpretation. The following listing of city staff and their supervisors is provided so you can ask for a second opinion.

Principal Opinion
Second Opinion
Building Plan Check Services
Inspection Services
Neighborhood Preservation
Christian Varela - (714) 990-7765
Jason Killebrew - (714) 990-7758
Plan ReviewJessica Newton - (714) 671-4439
Jason Killebrew - (714) 990-7758
Zoning InterpretationJoanne Hwang - (714) 990-7143
Jason Killebrew - (714) 990-7758
Fire Protection Services (Fire Department)Nicole Berry - (714) 990-7652
Fire Chief Avery- (714) 990-7646