Fire Protection Review

Permits & Inspections

As a guardian of the community’s safety, the Brea Fire Department reviews various permit requests and conducts on-site inspections to ensure compliance with local and state codes. The Fire Department will conduct a no-cost fire inspection of your project, called a Fire Protection Review, during the final stages of the development process. Prior to the Fire Protection Review, the Fire Department will also be involved in your project at various stages throughout the development process, including the Screen Check meeting, Plan Review, and Plan Check.

Areas of Work

Examples of areas reviewed and regulated by the Fire Department include:

  • Industrial and manufacturing processes
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Commercial and retail
  • Underground / above ground storage tanks
  • Residential units
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Hazardous materials (Use and storage)
  • Automatic fire alarm and sprinkler systems

Fire Protection Review & Fire Code Permit

The Fire Protection Review is initiated when you apply for a Certificate of Occupancy at the Development Services Department. The Fire Department will provide one no-cost inspection. If your project passes inspection, you will be granted a Fire Code Permit. Required annual inspections are conducted, for a fee, by the Fire Department.