City Fact Sheets

Understanding a Municipality's Fiscal Health

Understanding a City’s financial health is as complex as it is important. Public financing and required reporting procedures are governed by state, local law and in some cases, federal law.  Municipal finance can be difficult to understand and easy to misinterpret. However, a careful review of official documents and resources will help you navigate the basics of public financing. Read on for details.

Acquiring Water and Saving Costs

The Brea City Council has a long history of protecting the City’s interest in securing water and saving water costs for the community. Since 2011, Brea has added to its water inventory by acquiring permanent access to water to benefit the community. Learn about how Brea gets its water and how the City has saved costs.

Accountability Act (Measure T)

On November 6, 2012, the Brea electorate approved the Brea Accountability Act, (Measure T).  This initiative measure contained provisions regarding salaries and benefits for the City Council, salaries and benefits for executive staff, the City Manager’s employment contract and residence location, and other matters. Portions of the measure were found to be valid and were implemented. Learn more about the legal analysis.

Birch Hills Golf Course Transfer to the City

After an extensive process, City Council approved the transfer of ownership of Birch Hills Golf Course to the City at their October 1, 2019 meeting. View the public information brief to learn more about the process.

Paramedic Tax:  A Fact Sheet

Get the facts:  A primer on how the Paramedic Tax in Brea was originally initiated by the voters, how it’s allocated/managed, along with next steps to highlight tax receipts and expenditures.

Pension Reform

Brea, like many other California cities, is working to mitigate the increase in pension costs resulting from a number of economic factors. See the steps Brea is taking.