Hiring Process

Steps in the Hiring Process

1. Apply Online 

2. Written Examination

The Brea Police Department accepts two types of written examinations:

  • The P.O.S.T PELLET-B Test 
    • T-scores of 45 or higher only, dated within one year of application.
    • Brea does not offer the PELLET-B test; however, if the test is taken with another agency and meets our score requirement, we will accept it. 
    • If using the PELLET-B test, candidates should attach their score to their application (PELLET-B scores must be on the testing agency’s letterhead).
  • National Testing Network 
    • To schedule a test, visit the NTN website. When on the website, select Brea Police Department as a desired location for the score to be sent. 
    • There are multiple testing centers in southern, middle, and northern California, as well as throughout the country (the test can be taken in other states).
    • Once the test is completed, the score will be submitted to the City of Brea Human Resources Division. 
    • The Human Resources Division will notify applicants whether they have passed or failed the NTN written examination (each agency sets their own passing score).

3. Physical Fitness Qualifier and Oral Interview

The physical fitness qualifier (PFQ) and oral interview take place on the same day - typically a Saturday morning. The PFQ always precedes the oral interview and only those candidates that pass the PFQ will participate in the oral interview.

The PFQ determines the applicant’s ability to perform job-related tasks and gauges Police Officer Recruit candidates’ readiness for the Police Academy. The test consists of either three or four components, depending on the applicant type:

  • 1.5 Mile Track Run (Police Officer Recruit candidates only) - candidates earning maximum points in this component will run the 1.5 miles in under 10:20.99 minutes.
  • Timed Push-Ups - candidates earning maximum points in this component will complete 58+ push-ups in a one-minute period. 
  • 440 Yard Sprint - candidates earning maximum points in this component will sprint 440 yards in under 1:24.99 minutes.
  • Dummy Drag - candidates earning maximum points in this component will drag a 165-pound dummy 32 feet in under 6.99 seconds. 

Candidates must receive an overall score of 60 (Recruits) or 45 (Laterals) on the PFQ in order to move forward to the oral interview. 

Candidates should not wait until they are in the testing process to begin a physical fitness program. To prepare for the PFQ, candidates should incorporate HIIT workouts into their physical fitness program, as well as practice regular long-distance runs, sprinting, and daily push-ups.

The Oral Interview board (two sworn Brea Police personnel) asks job-related questions designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of relevant topics and assess their communication skills. Candidates should be prepared to discuss themselves. The better prepared candidate will have a good working knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, the City of Brea, the Police Department, and what has drawn them to the career of Police Officer. 

The eligibility list for Police Officer Recruit and Police Officer will be established based off of the oral interviews.

Candidates must receive an overall score of 70 on the oral interview in order to be placed on the eligibility list. 

4. Personal History Statement/Background Documents

  • Candidates from the eligibility list who are selected to move forward in the recruitment process will be notified and provided with instructions for completing their personal history and various other documents pertaining to their background online through the Department's background processing software, as well as an array of personal documents they will need to gather. Once all documents are completed and gathered, the candidate will meet with a staff person in Police Administration who will review the documents for accuracy and schedule their polygraph.

5. Polygraph/Background Investigation

A polygraph is used to confirm information that candidates provide during the background process, including personal information and present/ past use of narcotics or drugs and any previous job-related problems. A background investigator will conduct a thorough background investigation including making contact with employers, references, family members, neighbors, and others to assess the applicant's character. The background investigation normally takes between four and eight weeks to complete.

6. Interview with the Police Chief

Upon successfully completing all prior portions of the hiring process, candidates will be scheduled for an interview with the Police Chief, who will make the ultimate decision to give a conditional offer an employment. Upon accepting a conditional offer an employment, candidates will be required to complete a psychological evaluation and medical screening.

7. Psychological Evaluation

Candidates are required to pass a psychological evaluation, which is in accordance with P.O.S.T. standards. A description of the Peace Officer Selection Requirements Regulations can be found here.

8. Medical Screening

Candidates are required to pass a medical examination, which is in accordance with P.O.S.T. standards. A description of the Peace Officer Selection Requirements Regulations can be found here.

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