Code Enforcement

Brea's Code Enforcement Program

The City of Brea has established a code enforcement program in an effort to ensure that the quality of life is maintained throughout our community. This program exists not to punish individual property owners, but to maintain the greater good of the community by gaining compliance with adopted codes. This is a reactive program in that an inspection is done only when there are complaints from others. Contact information on the submitter is optional and it is kept confidential when received. This has proven quite useful for providing feedback on a situation where a code violation has occurred.

Quality of Life

Brea's code compliance program seeks to maintain a good quality of life for everyone. In that regard, this is a positive program that promotes a sense of shared responsibility. In order to reinforce the importance of compliance with municipal and building and safety codes, the Brea City Council has authorized use of administrative citations for violations. A code enforcement officer has authority to issue a citation using professional discretion as to the severity and immediacy of each situation. Such tickets, when issued, carry penalty fees that must be paid by those who would fail to remedy the situation noted by the code inspector. This step would always be used prior to referral of violations to a prosecuting attorney and then subsequent added expenses for a legal process.


The program's process is used to carry out the goals of this program primarily directed toward the elimination of aesthetic and safety violations.

This process has been developed not only to furnish the city a means to obtain code compliance, but to protect the rights of anyone identified as being in violation of a city code. If you feel any staff actions during this process violate your rights or any staff actions prohibited you from complying with city codes, please contact 714-990-7764 to discuss your situation.

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