Annual Permitted Fire & Life Safety Inspections

he Brea Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau, through the leadership and authority of the Fire Marshal, is assigned the responsibility of accomplishing several objectives. The primary objectives are as follows: the prevention of fires;  the elimination of fire and life safety hazards in buildings; the maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems; the regulation of storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials and hazardous substances; and enforcement of the minimum fire and life safety regulations of the State Fire Marshal as they apply to the City of Brea in matters regarding fire, panic, and life safety. 

Buildings with what are considered a more hazardous type occupancy, require an annual inspection. A comprehensive inspection shall be conducted by a Brea Fire Department Fire Prevention Specialist. 

To be prepared for your business inspection, a generalized (not inclusive) list of California Fire Code (CFC) requirements are provided as follows:

  • Visible address legible from the street and of contrasting color to the building
  • Occupant load sign for assembly rooms (rooms that hold 50+ persons)
  • Obstructions of fire protection systems
  • Annual service and tagging of extinguishers
  • Extinguishers mounted and provided on every level with a maximum travel distance of 75 feet
  • Kitchen hood system to be serviced semi-annually
  • Storage shall be no higher than 18” from sprinkler deflector and 2’ for non-sprinklered areas
  • No storage or obstructions in exits, aisles, corridors or stairwells
  • Exit signs and emergency lighting shall be provided and maintained to illuminate at all times (includes testing battery back-up)
  • All exit doors and doors leading to the public way shall be single action. No additional bolts, locks or latches are permitted
  • Approved storage of hazardous materials in flammable liquids cabinets
  • Fire rated doors are not permitted to be propped open and must lock and latch without effort
  • All exit doors must open with less than 15 lbs. of pressure
  • Electrical and mechanical rooms shall be provided with signage on doors
  • 3 feet clearance shall be provided around all electrical panels and all circuit breakers must be labeled
  • Extension cords are not permitted for permanent use and power strips must be plugged directly into an electrical outlet. (No daisy chaining permitted)
  • All penetrations in rated walls and/or ceilings must be repaired in an approved manner
  • Maintain safe clearance of combustibles from heaters, light fixtures and any flame producing devices
  • Provide annual fire alarm certification
  • Provide annual and/or 5 year certification for fire protection systems