Sell in Our Gift Shop

Terms and Goals of Object Consideration for Sale in the Gallery Gift Shop

Please read the details below regarding submission of merchandise for sale in the gift shop. 

View and download the application here.

Invitation to Applicants

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the City of Brea Art Gallery Gift Shop! Our goal is to provide a unique shopping experience for our patrons by highlighting local artists. We are always looking for new, talented artists to sell their handcrafted items in our store. Please read this overview of the consignor relationship with the Gallery and follow the directions to submit your artwork for consideration.

Eligible Work:

The Gallery is looking for unique, one of a kind items that are made by local artists and artisans. All submitted items must be hand made by the artist with a high standard of craftsmanship and design. Our target audience typically spends $5-$25 dollars in the gift shop, sometimes up to $50 dollars on special occasions, therefore we are looking for quality merchandise at an affordable price.

Selection Process:

Initial interested parties must fill out the following application and submit at least five images along with the retail price, availability, and medium of each item. Once we review the submission, we will contact the artist if we feel that their work is a good fit for the Gallery Gift Shop. If the artist is accepted, they will be sent a packet of information and forms to fill out and an appointment will be made to turn in the completed paperwork and discuss procedures.

Evaluation Criteria for Consideration*:

Consideration will be given to each submitted item based upon the following: design, use of materials, uniqueness, quality, durability, and marketability.


Each object submitted must be well designed. Consideration will be given to choice of materials appropriate to intended use. Items must be unique, yet professionally made. The distinction of high quality for an affordable price is our main objective in selecting items for sale in the gift shop.


An object must be handmade by the applicant. Issues of durability, assembly, execution and appropriate finish will be considered.


The Gallery Staff has extensive knowledge of what types of merchandise are successful in our Gift Shop, as well as what products sell well in other locations or within similar settings. This knowledge is used to help determine whether or not submitted merchandise will be accepted into the Gift Shop.

*Please note that the Gallery reserves the right to turn down applications based upon the discretion of the Gallery Staff.

Important Procedures to Note:

  • The Gallery receives a 30% commission and the Consignor receives 70% of the selling price.
  • Items in the Gift Shop are sold at a 25% discount to members, on opening reception nights (4 times a year), and during holiday sales. For discounted items, the Consignor receives 85% of the selling price (63.75% of the original price) and the Gallery receives 15% commission.
  • New merchandise is typically brought in three to four times a year.
  • Appointments must be made with at least one week prior notice.
  • Payment for items sold are sent to consignors three to four times a year. Artist warrant a payout if their balance exceeds twenty dollars.

To apply, please send the following to with the subject line "Gift Shop Application":

  • Application Form
  • Artist Bio,Statement, or Resume
  • Images of at least five items with required information (retail price, availability, medium) for each piece

If Accepted, You Will Receive the Following:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Consignment Agreement/Contract
  • W9
  • Direct Deposit Form &Voided Check Request
  • Checklist of information to be submitted
  • Blank Inventory Sheet

Thank you so much for your interest in the Gallery Gift Shop!

Gallery Staff