Social Subconscious

The Social Subconscious Exhibition was on view from July 9 to September 16, 2016. Thought provoking works fill this invitational exhibition, shedding light on both local and global topics of concern, from pollution to homelessness. More and more, contemporary artists are using their craft, whether it be traditional mediums such as painting or community engagement projects, to approach these issues. By highlighting artists working in the realm of socially-engaged art, the Gallery hopes to show the potential for art to have an influential voice, while evoking thoughts, emotions, and questions within the viewer.

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Participating Artists:

Nicole Dextras

Tina Hovsepian

Flora Kao

Chris Onesto

Juliana Rico

John Sabraw

Neil Shigley

Esther Traugot

Linda Vallejo

Featuring the documentary Plastic Paradise by Angela Sun.