Water & Sewer Rate Study

Public Hearing Notice

Click here to view the Proposition 218 Notice regarding the Proposed Water and Sewer Rate Change and Public Hearing.

Public Hearing

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, Brea Civic & Cultural Center
(The Public Hearing, originally scheduled for July 19, has been moved to the November 15 City Council meeting.)

The delivery of safe and reliable water is of upmost importance to the City of Brea. It’s been several years since Brea last completed a comprehensive water study to determine the costs of delivering water. Establishing water rates is complex and highly regulated, and requires gathering extensive data to determine an appropriate rate structure. The last water rate study was done in 2015, click here to view information from that study. A fee study for sewer rates was last done in 2006, and Water Impact Fees were last studied in 2002. The current water rate structure was adopted in February 2016 and has not increased since July 2017. Brea has been able to keep rates flat due to strategic bond refinancing, as well as purchasing water rights.

The goal of this upcoming rate and fee study is to ensure that the revenues cover the cost of services, meet the debt coverage and reserve requirements, and provides revenue for future capital improvement projects. The study will also address drought conditions which could affect rates. 

The City has contracted with NewGen Strategies & Solutions to conduct comprehensive Water and Sewer rate and fee studies. The adopted Water Rate Study is available here and the Sewer Rate Study is available here. These drafts have not been reviewed by the City Council, but this information may be helpful to rate payers to better understand the rates that are being proposed.

Provide Your Feedback

As the City of Brea embarks on this comprehensive user rate and fee study, we would like to know the community's priorities. Tell us...

How would you prioritize water and sewer rate pricing objectives? 

A feedback form is available to fill out. 

Have any other questions? Send an email to ratestudy@cityofbrea.net.

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Water Rate Structure

Water rates must be carefully established to cover actual costs to purchase supplies and to operate the distribution system. As the value of water as a commodity has steadily increased over recent years of drought and shortages, the cost per acre foot keeps rising. Even with conservation, consumer water bills can reflect an increase because of this. Additionally, as fixed operational costs are closely analyzed, it becomes evident that energy to pump the water and system infrastructure maintenance also carry increasing expenses for the water utility over time. Thus, customers do see periodic adjustments that assure the long-term viability of Brea's water utility. This only happens following technical studies and a public hearing process.