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Communications: 911 Dispatch Center

The Brea Police Department Communications Center operates 365 days a year and is open 24 hours a day. Staff includes a Communications Supervisor, Senior Dispatchers, Full-time Dispatchers and Part-time Dispatchers that are called to assist when needed. There are also nine part-time dispatchers that are called to assist when needed. Dispatching is one of the most stressful and demanding positions in law enforcement. A successful dispatcher must be able to communicate clearly with the public, stay calm while assisting the caller and officers, handle stressful situations over the phone or radio, and master a long list of technology tools. The Brea Police Department always strives to provide excellent customer service and that effort nearly always starts in the Communications Center.

The Police Department has always recognized the importance of answering calls for service in a timely manner. Calls for service are prioritized into several categories with emergency calls being the most important. Over the last year, our dispatchers have sent officers or civilian members to an average of 16,638 calls for service and processed a total of 38,036 incidents. We recognize our communications team for their significant part in this accomplishment.