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Parks, Landscape & Parkway Trees Division
The Parks, Landscape, and Parkway Trees Division are responsible for all of the city’s parks, medians, publicly owned trees, as well as all other landscaped areas, such as city facility landscaping. New responsibilities include several new hiking trails, South Brea Boulevard landscaped medians, and the upcoming sports park. This division manages the contracts for seven city Maintenance Districts.

Superintendent Bill Bowlus and Supervisor Chris Beckman operate all park facilities, landscaped areas, and tree maintenance using a combination of contract and in-house workers. Chris holds a pesticide applicators certificate that allows crews, working under this certificate, to apply needed pest control to all areas.

Centralized Irrigation System
The division uses a centralized irrigation system, operated from the Service Center, that controls irrigation and ball field lights to better control water and electricity use. This allows one staff member to make adjustments as needed without having to be in the field at every site.

Contract Work
All service contracts are monitored for compliance and regular meetings are held with each contractor to ensure proper service delivery. Field crews are responsible for all park facilities including detail work and irrigation repairs with the exception of the seven Maintenance Districts, which are all done by contract. Mowing at all facilities is contracted as well.

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