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Overnight Parking
Street Parking
For public safety, code, and aesthetic purposes, between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. parking on all public streets within the City of Brea is restricted to 30 minutes (Municipal Code Section 10.24.030). Vehicles continuously parked on public streets during these hours may be cited for a parking violation on any day of the year, holidays included. Overnight on-street parking is by permit only for those residents with qualifying situations.  Learn more about the program and how on-site parking is evaluated

Residents without adequate private, off-street parking in their garage, carport, or driveway may apply for the Annual parking permit through the City of Brea Community Development Department. Vehicles displaying valid permits will be exempt from citation during the overnight hours. However, this permit does not exempt a vehicle from being ticketed for weekly street sweeping restrictions in the daytime. There is a fee to receive the permit and it must be renewed on an annual basis. Only vehicles that are legally registered to a Brea address are eligible to receive a city issued permit. All permits will expire on December 31 of each calendar year.

Annual Permits
Annual parking permits are intended to relieve situations where garage and driveway spaces have first been properly utilized for operable vehicles registered to that Brea household. The permit may be obtained for any additional operable vehicles registered at the same address that would need to be parked overnight on the street in front of the residence. All registered vehicles are to be listed on the household's permit application. A single parking permit is then transferable between multiple registered vehicles within that household. This is most helpful for situations where from day to day different vehicles may be parked on the street overnight. Inoperable vehicles may never be left in the street.
Download the parking brochure outside or brochure interior.

Questions about parking permits can be directed to or 714-990-7689.
Apply/Renew Online

ATTENTION!  Our parking permit application has changed, please refer to the instructions link (below) for guidance.

Brea overnight parking permits can be obtained online.  You save both time and money by using this option.  As an annual program, new permits should be displayed in vehicles beginning January 1st.

To apply for a parking permit online, please click the "Apply/Renew Online" link above. The online permit process option is offered at a reduced cost of $18.00, with a $1.00 shipping/handling fee.  View instructions for the online permit process or view screen shots for buying parking permits only.

Renew at City Hall
Residents are strongly encouraged to submit their application online rather than making a trip to City Hall.  You must bring in current registrations for all vehicles registered to your household in order to apply at the counter.  Also, be aware that the cost for obtaining a parking permit at City Hall is $25.00 starting July 1, 2015.

Learn about the appeal process should a permit application be denied.

Contact Us
Questions about parking permits can be directed to
or 714-671-4406.

New parking permits must be on display January 1, 2017.
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