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Helping Hands Scholarship
Helping Hands Scholarship
Helping Hands Scholarship & Transportation
2016-2017 Program Guidelines

The Brea Resource Center assists income-eligible Brea residents with a once-a-year scholarship for childcare purposes. For the 2016-2017 school year, annual after school program fees are $485 (full payment) or $505 (payment plan). Qualified residents will be eligible for a full or partial scholarship, which covers a student’s registration fee and the first 2 months of the program.

Eligibility for ASP Scholarship and Eligibility for Van
• Applicant must live in the City of Brea and provide proof of current address for scholarships and free van spot.
• Applicant must provide proof of employment for EVERY ADULT in the household to verify need for childcare.
• Applicants must demonstrate there are no other means available to pay for childcare costs at this time.
• Applicant’s household income must not exceed the maximum income limits as listed below
• State and Federal Tax Returns for 2015 for all working adults in the household. OR the two most recent paystubs for all working adults in the home.
• Applicant must live, work, or have children who attend school in Brea for paid van spots.
• Jr. High Van applicants’ spots will be $200 for the year ($20/month auto-debit payment plan). Free van spots assigned based on eligibility for scholarship.

Family Size  ASP Scholarship ($485)  Half Scholarship ($242) Paid Elementary 
Free Van Spot Van spot only $200
1 $27,219 $40,829 $51,036
2 $36,839 $55,259 $69,074
3 $46,459 $69,689 $87,111
4 $56,079 $84,119 $105,149
5 $65,699 $98,549 $123,186
6 $75,319 $112,979 $141,224
7 $84,939 $127,409 $159,261
8 $94,559 $141,838 $177,298

*Based on California Department of Education Income Guidelines for free and reduced-priced meals (Hot lunch program)
*Families making more than the listed amounts under “Paid Van Spot” do not qualify for the van program. The van is intended for low-income families, with the exception of Brea Junior High.
*All Van spots will be chosen through a lottery with the exception of the Jr. High which is based on a first come, first served basis
*If granted a Jr. High van spot, you must pay program registration and van fee/set up payment plan, IF you would like to be screened for a free van spot you need to turn in the applicable paperwork

2016-2017 Helping Hands After School Program Scholarship and Van Application

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