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Traffic will always be challenging in a busy crossroads location such as The City of Brea. The City has a comprehensive program for streets over which it has jurisdictional control. However, three major connectors that serve the town are Caltrans highways. Funding and approval for projects related to the 57 Freeway, Imperial Highway and also Carbon Canyon Road are under State control. While the City will always work to support upgrades for these vital roads, it has no authority to approve new proposals. However, as possible, Brea collaborates with Caltrans, as well as its neighboring communities to improve connectivity and manage traffic resources wisely.

Traffic data will be posted on this website page and updated periodically so that the general public can become aware of current work status. A recent traffic study related to Carbon Canyon Road has concluded and data is under review by Caltrans. The City is working towards a future solution that will bring some relief to residents. 
Current traffic concerns.
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Caltrans is underway with a project to improve ramps at SR-57 and Lambert Road. There will be several weekend closures to allow for paving work. Periodic Caltrans notices are received and shared in Brea. To get the most updated information about progress of various highway related projects, it is best to contact Caltrans District 12

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