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Curtis Theatre Rental Reservation Form

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  2. Curtis Theatre

    Brea Civic & Cultural Center - 1 Civic Center Circle Brea, California 92821 | 714- 990-7723 |

  3. Rental Reservation Form*

    Important Note: Do not fill out this form until you've contacted The Curtis Theatre first. submitting the Rental Reservation Form does not guarantee that your desired event date can or will be held. This form is used to generate a contract only after theatre staff has confirmed your booking. To reserve your date, please complete and submit this form, along with a $500 deposit, to the City of Brea- Curtis Theatre. Rental of the Curtis Theatre will be at discretion of the Theatre Manager to ensure non-competition with existing Curtis Theatre programming. Deposits in the amount of $500 shall be made payable to the City of Brea. This deposit will hold the reservation. The deposit is in addition to any rental fees and is refundable upon the satisfactory inspection of the facility after completion of the rental. Cancellation of a reserved date will result in a loss of deposit. If the theatre can be rented with a comparable rental (one that is equal or greater in length) the deposit will be returned, less a $125 administrative fee.

  4. General Information

  5. Non-Profit?*

  6. If “Day of Show” plans, (including tech) should be discussed with someone other than the contract signer, please include that person’s name, email and phone number.

  7. Insurance*

    If you are planning to obtain your own insurance, a copy of the insurance certificate must be presented to the theatre management at the time of payment of rental fees.

  8. Deposit*

    A $500 deposit is due to secure your reservation. All other rental fees will be due, prior to your engagement. Make checks payable to The City of Brea and be sure to include the name of your organization or event. Payments should be sent to The Curtis Theatre, 1 Civic Center Circle Brea, CA 92821

  9. Schedule

    Please remember, when scheduling your event, to allow enough time to load-in and strike your props, sets, and technical elements. For all changes in the schedule, please notify the Theatre Manager as soon as possible so the proper staff schedule can be made. (Note: Due to a standing event, the Curtis Theatre is not available until 1 p.m. on Sundays.)

  10. Technical Information

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  11. The following equipment is available at additional charge:

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  12. Will a set be used?*

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  14. Check the following if you plan on using:

    Note: The Curtis Theatre does not rent or provide this equipment. This declaration of usage is for liability purposes only.

  15. I understand that the following are strictly prohibited in the Curtis Theatre:*

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  16. All drops, banners, curtains, drapes, and set pieces must be flame retardant.*

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  17. Box Office Information

    If requested, the City can operate the Curtis Theatre Box Office and conduct all ticket sales. A $120 Box Office setup fee and a $2 per ticket handling fee will be charged to the renter. Renters choosing to utilize this service are provided with two Audience Services staff members for the day of their event, online ticket sales available 24 hours a day, and in-person or phone ticket sales during Curtis Theatre Box Office hours. (Some restrictions apply. Contact the Curtis Theatre for more information.)

  18. Will Box Office services be utilized?*

  19. Concessions

    The Curtis Theatre has a concessions stand in the lobby that is stocked with soft drinks, snacks, beer, and wine. If requested, Curtis Theatre staff can sell concessions to patrons before a show and/or at intermission. The fee for this service is $20 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. Also please note that The Curtis Theatre retains all money from concession sales. Alternatively, some renters choose to handle their own concession sales. That is acceptable, however any sale of alcohol is prohibited without a permit from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

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