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Concerts in the Park Consideration Form

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  2. Concert in the Park Submission Form

    Use this form to submit your band for consideration for Brea's Concerts in the Park series. This series normally takes place on Wednesdays in July and August, but dates are subject to change. Submissions will be accepted for consideration between January and March. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of submissions, we will not be able to personally respond to each candidate. If your band is selected, you can expect to be contacted by the end of March.

  3. If your group can have multiple configurations, please list all possibilities.

  4. This can also include Facebook, YouTube, or other group profiles.

  5. If your group has changed names recently or if your name changes depending on the audience, list aliases here.

  6. We provide professional sound reinforcement for all of our concerts. Please briefly describe your audio and power needs. Include all microphones, direct boxes, monitors, and power drops. To supplement this, you may also attach a stage plot below.

  7. Use this to attach a stage plot, one-sheet, EPK, etc.

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