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The Brea Briefing Room

Brea Briefing Room

Welcome to the Brea Briefing Room, the Brea Police Department’s official blog. The purpose of this blog is to keep the community informed while providing a behind the scenes look into the operations of the Department. The blog also offers an opportunity to interact with the Brea Police Department through the sharing of information. We encourage you to express your thoughts on topics posted on the blog through respectful and insightful discussion. The Department reserves the right to remove comments that contain inappropriate language and/or material. View blog disclaimerBreaPolice.net

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Jun 01

Monthly Tip – Crime Stats and Prevention

Posted on June 1, 2017 at 9:02 a.m. by Brea Police Department PIO


Did you know that you can look up crime activity in Brea in the comfort of your own home? Check out www.communitycrimemap.com. We even created a step by step tutorial on how to use the site. Click here to view the tutorial: https://youtu.be/spD9LY19qJo

Your personal safety is something you should ALWAYS consider, no matter where you are. Here are some tips and steps you can take to help maintain your personal safety:

  • Awareness – Constantly be aware of your surroundings. It does not matter where you are, at home, out shopping, driving, at the park, DO NOT settle and become so involved in your task that you fail to look around. This is when you are at your most vulnerable. Take a minute, scan the area before you head out.

  • Take a look around – Look around and see what potential threats may be looming. Are there suspicious people parked by your car? Is there a car approaching slowly from behind or following you on your run? If you see something that makes you suspicious or uncomfortable, walk away, return to the store, and report the activity. If you SEE something SAY something. You can reach us at our non-emergency line at (714) 990-7911.

  • Consider the Stakes - Property can be replaced, but you can't. If you are in fear for your safety, give up the purse, the wallet or car. Your personal well-being is much more valuable than your property.

  • Don't be a Target – While out and about constantly survey your surroundings. Simple things like carrying your keys and whistle in your hand (not buried in your purse) or ensuring your purse is tucked under your shoulder (not dangling down or sitting unattended in a cart) can prevent a crime from happening in the first place. 

  • Be a Good Witness - If you see or are a victim of a crime, be the best witness you can be! Without good suspect descriptions it is difficult for police to conduct follow-up and apprehend criminals. While it may be difficult during the crime, try to pay attention to basic physical descriptions such as hair color, height, weight and build, clothing color, suspect vehicle description and license plate, direction of travel. Rare or very specific descriptions are even better – things like tattoos, scars, and piercings or damage on a suspect vehicle.

May 02

Monthly Tip – Take Safety Precautions While Walking and Running!

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 3:09 p.m. by Brea Police Department PIO

With the latest section of the tracks at Brea opening, the  warmer weather, longer amount of daylight, and summer fast approaching more pedestrians are heading out earlier in the mornings and staying out later in the evenings. Many factors impact whether or not drivers will see pedestrians. Some vision obscurements and lighting conditions are not controlled by the pedestrian, but we can greatly enhance their safety and visibility with some proactive steps. Here are some that you can take to stay safe! 

  • Carry a flashlight when walking at night
  • Always walk facing traffic so you can see cars approaching
  • Never assume cars will stop or yield – make eye contact before crossing streets or driveways
  • If possible, wear clothing with reflective strips
  • Always carry your phone and identification
  • Keep earphone volume low enough to hear for oncoming traffic
  • Use the buddy system – walk with a friend
  • Walk or run in well-lit areas only – avoid alleys or secluded trails
  • Avoid approaching vehicles that are stopping near you or in your path
Apr 03

Monthly Tip - Watch for Card Skimming

Posted on April 3, 2017 at 2:25 p.m. by Brea Police Department PIO

Card skimming is the unauthorized copying of electronic data from your debit card or credit card. Thieves use hidden equipment, such as pin-hole cameras and card reading devices to obtain your PIN and card data. The stolen data is then encoded onto a counterfeit card, which is used to withdraw funds or make purchases without your knowledge.

This type of crime can occur anywhere, but most commonly occurs at gas stations and ATM machines. Gas pump and ATM machines can be easily tampered with since they are not monitored 24/7. Thieves place devices that resemble the actual equipment on the machine in order to read your card you use it.

Some quick prevention tips:

  • Use ATM machines that are inside the bank or business and visible and open to the public.
  • Check your bank records and statements often and look for unusual or unauthorized activity.
  • Report any lost or stolen cards IMMEDIATELY.
  • Always keep your cards in your sight. If the sales clerk moves to a different register, accompany them.
  • Pay attention to the number of times your card is swiped and make sure that any transaction that is not the actual sale is voided.
  • Consider using the credit option as opposed to entering your PIN.
  • Do not accept "assistance" from a Good Samaritan at an ATM. If the machine does not properly work, move on!

If you see anything or anyone suspicious near an ATM machine, call the police!

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