In Process on The Tracks

The Tracks at Brea Trail has been a long-held vision for the City. When complete, this new trail will become a valued community amenity.

It remains a very challenging project requiring careful coordination. There has been much complexity to process grant applications, conduct technical soil studies, make plan modifications, and finalize complicated real estate transactions to name just a few key processing factors. However, due to a number of supportive organizations and a series of substantial grants, steady progress is being realized.

As future updates become available, they will be posted here and circulated through the Brea Line newsletter and other City outlets. You may direct your questions and suggestions to Thank you for your ongoing interest and support!

Tracks Segment Map

 Segment 1 - Open for use.

 Segment 2 - Construction underway. Anticipated to open Fall 2017.

 Segment 3 - Open for use. Construction underway for amenities to be added near Brea Blvd by Fall 2017.

 Segment 4 - Construction due to begin Fall 2017.

 Segment 5 - Open for use.

 Segment 6 - Construction underway. Anticipated to open Fall 2017.